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Daikin launches new indoor units for Sky Air and VRV

Daikin has launched new indoor unit ranges for its Sky Air and VRV commercial climate control systems, with improved energy efficiency and stylish new designs.

The new Sky Air and VRV indoor units offer high levels of efficiency, reduced energy consumption and ensure excellent comfort levels. The new ceiling suspended units, ceiling mounted cassettes and concealed ceiling units are suitable for a wide range of commercial applications, from hotels to retail stores and offices.

The indoor units have new external designs and incorporate a host of new features to improve energy efficiency, including: new heat exchangers; new fan motors and drain pumps; automatic adjustment of airflow to the required load and individual flap control.

4-way blow ceiling suspended cassette (FUQ/FXUQ)
Available for both Sky Air and VRV, the 4-way blow ceiling suspended cassette is a unique offering from Daikin. The new ceiling mounted range is the ideal solution for commercial spaces with no or little void space above a false ceiling up to 3.5m high. The stylish white units feature automatic air flow adjustment, five different air discharge angles, individual flap control, automatic air volume control and three fan speed settings. Improved seasonal efficiencies are achieved thanks to a new heat exchanger and DC fan motor and drain pump. Earlier ranges needed separate expansion valve boxes but these have been incorporated into the new units, making them faster and cheaper to install.

Ceiling suspended unit (FHQ/FXHQ)
For commercial spaces up to 3.8m high without false ceilings, these units, available for Sky Air and VRV, feature a DC fan motor and drain pump delivering improved seasonal efficiency and low energy consumption.

The three speed fan creates a wider air discharge using the Coanda effect to direct airflow across the ceiling, thus reducing direct draughts and ensuring perfect comfort conditions in every part of the room.

The stylish units can be mounted easily in corners and narrow spaces as they need just 30mm lateral service space. Whereas previously the expansion valve was external to the unit, this has now been integrated, saving time and money on installation. They are also white, blending easily with any interior, as the flaps close entirely when not in operation.

2-way blow ceiling mounted cassette (FXCQ)
The new FXCQ ceiling mounted cassette for VRV has low energy consumption, thanks to its specially-developed small tube heat exchanger, DC fan motor and drain pump. The stylish unit blends easily with any interior, as the flaps (which can be individually controlled) close entirely when not in operation. Comfort is improved because the unit adjusts air flow automatically to match the required load. The units are easy to install, with a depth of just 620mm.

Small concealed ceiling unit (FXDQ)
Designed for hotel bedrooms and small offices, the compact FXDQ unit for VRV can be mounted easily in a ceiling void of just 240mm and blends seamlessly with any interior décor, as only the suction and discharge grilles are visible. It also has low energy consumption thanks to its DC fan motor.

Connect indoor units to Daikin’s intelligent Touch Manager for improved efficiency
All Sky Air and VRV indoor units can be linked to Daikin’s new control system, intelligent Touch Manager (iTM), thanks to their standard DIII net connections. iTM offers an intuitive user interface with a visible floor plan, which can manage up to 2,560 indoor units and provides energy management tools to maximise efficiency.

Daikin’s new ceiling units – the efficient choice
The new range of ceiling units offer specifiers, installers, building owners and businesses a flexible and stylish solution to climate control. Whether part of a Sky Air or VRV IV system, they offer high levels of energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy bills, while delivering optimal comfort levels.